With the full of beauty care services and new colors for you to choose from, you are ensured to enjoy the best services in our effort of doing a great job. Let’s take a look at our price list below!! Our nail salon is always committed to bringing you a reasonable price!

Nail Enhancements

Addition charge for various shapes and extra length.

Acrylic Nails Full Set $45 +
Acrylic Nails Refill $30 +
Liquid Gel Full Set $60 +
Liquid Gel Refill $45 +
Gel Polish with services $15 Extra

Dipping Powder

Out Of The Ordinary
Not Gel / Not Acrylic
- Odor-Free
- Healthier for your nails with added Vitamin E and Calcium
- No liquid or UV light needed
- Lightweight and durable
- Looks and feels natural

Dip Manicure $45 +
Dip Manicure with Extension $60 +
Dip Manicure plus soak off $48 +
Dipping Ombré $65 +
Dip Extension plus soak off $65 +


Classic Manicure (20 Mins) $20

Hands are soaked into warm water with lemon followed by trimming, shape to your desired length, and cuticle work. The treatment is finished with a hand massage and nail polish.

Natural Manicure (25 Mins) $27

As a classic manicure, hands being soaked with Herbal Mineral Bath plus Liquid Body Lufra to gently exfoliate and polish the skin. The treatment is finished with a Baobab Body Butter to massage hands.

Natural Spa Manicure (30 Mins) $37

As Natural Manicure, Invigorating Icedancer is used to relieve and stimulate your blood circulation and be wrapped into a warm towel and massage with a hot stone.

Gel Manicure (30 Mins) $35

The color gel lacquer is designed specifically for the natural nail client. Color Gel Lacquer is applied to the nails similar to nails polish, on the overlay of high-quality gel is scrupled over the nail giving you the benefit of additional strength and shine without an artificial look. Gel Lacquer polish comes in a variety of colors as well as French. The led light will be used to cure and harden the gel.


Express Pedicure (25 Mins) $30

Short on time? This pedicure will have your feet looking good in no time! Includes a relaxing citrus soak, toenails are trimmed and shaped and the article is detailed, finished off with your favorite shade

Smoothing Pedicure (35 Mins) $37

The essential pedicure for your soles and toes. Soak your feet in Herbal Mineral Bath while your nails are perfectly trimmed and shaped, cuticle care, and gently buffing to eliminate callus. Next, exfoliate with Liquid Body and Replenished with Body Smoother Restore skin with Sole Solution treatment.

GS Nature Deluxe Pedi (45 Mins) $55

GS Pedicure is all about you. Dip your feet in Herbal Mineral Bath before your nails are trimmed and shaped, the cuticle is detailed. Next, exfoliate with Liquid Body and revitalize the legs with Icedancer Gel plus essential oil, wrapped in hot towels. Then relieve your blood circulation within your legs with hot rocks lastly, restore skin with Sole Solution treatment and moisturize with Baobab Butter.

Ultimate Pedicure (55 Mins) $65

Immerse yourself in the ultimate relaxing pedicure.
Bathe feet in Herbal Mineral Bath.
Exfoliate with Liquid Lufra Body Lufra and Body Bar.
Soften dry, calloused skin and soothes tired, achy feet with Firewalker Foot Cream.
Revitalized the legs with Icedancer Gel mix with essential oil.
Hot stone application
Warm towel wrap paraffin wax
Restore skin with Sole Solution
Moisturize with Baobab Butter treatment.

Kids Spa

Manicure (2 Nails Design) $12
Pedicure (2 Toes Design) $20
Pedicure & Manicure $32
Pedicure & Manicure (with Designs) $37
Polish Change $6 +

Additional Services

Paraffin (5 Mins) $10
Essential Oil (10 Mins) $15
French $5
French Polish Change Hand $17
Design $5 +
Professional Callus Treatment $5
Gel Polish Application $15
Take Off Dip $10
Polish Change Hand $12
Polish Change Feet $18
Take Off Gel $7
Acrylic Nail Take Off $10
Nail Repair $5


Eyebrows $12
Lips $6 +
Chins $8 +
Side Burn $14 +
Back $40 +
Bikini $25 +
Brazilian $35 +
Under Arm $18 +
Lower Arm $25 +
Full Arm $35 +
Full Legs $60 +
Upper Legs $30 +
Lower Legs $30 +

Eyelash Extension

Full Set $100
Full Set Volume $200
Fill (about 2 Week) $60 +
Eyelashes Tint $35
Eye Brows Tint $20

Complimentary: Water

Appt. & Walk-ins Welcome